Saturday, April 19, 2008

Intuition and Systematic Tarot readers.

There are several types of Tarot readers in the world and there are many many methods of how a tarot reader conduct their readings.

Psychic readers

Some are pure psychics in their readings.

They conscrate their cards.

Their cards are their personal tools.

They develop bonds with their cards through practice.

Concerntration and emotions are very essential in this practice.

Their personal ability and latent strenght determines each tarot reader's ability.

Strenght in the readings are drawn from within these persons.

In conducting readings, they normally do not allow others to touch their cards which they have developed bonds to.

They need quiet and peaceful places in order for them to focus their thoughts better.

They need to remain calm and focused through the readings in order to ensure that they do not project their own thoughts, emotions and feelings into the reading.

If they project their own feelings and emotions into the reading, it may become Skrewed and incorrect.

They become tired in readings as they use their psychic energies and their own concentration in their readings.

Becoming 1 with their cards.

When they teach their students or apprentices, they are not able to fully give them the skills which they have developed over the years.

This is due to the fact that their students may not have the same intuitive skills or psychic ability.

In addition, most of these teachers try their utmost to request their students to have try out on their own and give very vague or little guidelines.

Systematic tarot readers.

These tarot readers follow the teachings of established schools of thoughts and of established writings.

It could be Alexister Crowley's works, Arthur Waite's works, Morgan Geer's work, the Amberstone's works.

These readers use a system of meanings, symbolism and various other tools to assist themselves in readings.

When they conduct readings, they allow others to pick the cards.

By doing so, the projection into the cards is by the querant and not the reader.

Hence the concentration of the querant is more important.

The main purpose of these systematic readers are to allow their clients to focus and their accuracy of the reading is purely on the client.

They do not project their feelings much into the cards and hence they do not become tired easily.

When conducting classes on tarot, they are able to reproduce their knowledge better.

Much of their knowledge can be captured in writing.

So the students can get more information on the Tarot and how to use the cards.

However, the ability of the students to understand these writings are evident and important.

I am a systematic reader.
I use Astrology, Chinese 4 pillars of destiny and numerlogy to further strenghten my meanings and to understand the client better to reduce the errors in the readings.

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