Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Number 9 stands for planet Mars.
Artistic genius, humanitarianism, romance, emotionalism, dissipation
This number influence all people born on 9, 18 and 27 of a month. Number 9 people are fighters in all they attempt in life.
They usually have difficult times in their early years.
They are independent in their character impulsive and hasty in temperament.
They have great courage and make great soldiers and leaders.
Their greatest danger lies in impulsiveness of action.They are peculiarly prone to accidents from fire.
They strongly resent criticism. They are resourceful and excellent in organization.
Important days : Tuesday , Thursday , Friday
Lucky Colours : All shades of Crimson , red ,rose or pink.
Lucky Stones : Ruby , Garnet and Blackstone

They are also seekers of wisdom and seeking of knowledge.

In the tarot major it is the hermit. Who is the seeker of knowledge and lead a simple and hard life.

9 in the minor acrana lays the foundation of 10.

9 of wands is great strength or opposition. it leads to 10 which is oppression.

9 of cups is personal happiness which leads to 10 which is satisfaction.

9 of swords is worry or cruelty which leads to 10 which is ruin.

9 of pentacle is gain in wealth which leads to 10 which is possession of a lot and a lot of stuff and wealth.

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