Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Number 4, Family, Practical

4 forms a square. the strength of a square is in foundation. In formin the 4 pillars of a normal house.

4 refers to family. in ancient chinese there is a saying of finding 4 walls to form a house.

People who are 4 are homely, practical solid build.

4 also refers to people of strong and are normally rounder then most.

Decisions made by them are careful and with caution and plannings.

Hence they react slowly to changes. If they accept something it is their responsibility and will not back down from it.

They are also very very attached to things of the past. of past relationships. sentiments of the past.

They don't normally throw away stuff.....

They like to hug ppl.

The card in tarot is the Emperor... Card of power and responsibility......

The 4 in tarot minors are as follows all the full founding of all the suits

1) 4 of Cups Luxury

2) 4 of Wands Happiness and family foundation.

3) 4 of Swords Reflection or rest

4) 4 of Pentacles wealth gained and kept.

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