Wednesday, April 9, 2008


NUMBER 5, card of freedom, Like the wild of horses.
the ability to go against the control of others,
Curious. Like to discover new things likes to travel. Do not like to be controlled.
Likes to have new relationships.... and have difficulty keeping relationships for long....
Like the wilderness....
Bad at financial management.
However 5 in this sense and Tarot is totally different. 5 in tarot is Hierophant which is control to its maximum..... tradition and also fully religionous very very controlled.
Totally different.

Number 5 stands for planet Uranus.It is related to Sun and has harmonious vibration with Sun.Number 5 people have distinct character of their own.They appear to view everything from opposite angle of everyone else.In argument they take the opposite view .Unconsciously they make enemies,although threy do not have malice against anyone. They rebel against rules and regulations.They reverse the order of things in society and governments. They are attracted towards social questions and reforms of all kinds.They are positive and unconventional in their views.
They make friends easily. Their fortunate days are Mondays, Sundays and Saturdays .
Lucky colors are half-shades, half-tones,electric colors, electric blues and greys.
Their lucky stones are sapphire , light or dark.
"Their chief faults are that they are most highly strung sensitive ,very easily wounded in their feelings, inclined to be lonely and isolated and are likely to become despondent and melancholy unless they achieve success."
Number 5 people are very high strung.They live on their nerves.They are quick in their thoughts and decisions. They detest any plodding kind of work.They seem naturally to drift into all kinds of money making methods.They are born speculators. They are ready to run risks of all kinds .They have most wonderful elasticity of character.They rebound quickly from heaviest blow.
Nothing seems to effect them very long.The blows of fate leave no mark on their character. " if they are good by nature , they remain so ; if bad , not all the preaching in the world will make the slightest effect on them."

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