Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tarot outing April 19 2008 at Waffle Place Cottage

Well yes the Oasis Manga cafe was closed for unforseen reasons.... wanted to eat spagetti.... but well met Candy from the cottage Waffle Cafe. She was nice.... too bad never took photos. of her.... anyways Ice cream there is not bad, the Coffee is good and the ambience seems better... maybe next outing change places there.
Myself (who was sick)
Apocalytic (wen) Good reading or else i needed to read for a lot of others. I always enjoyed your perspective
Spade Your skills improved..... Love husky said you were getting better.
Iris was late but her appearance always brighten ups the day
Larren good you oso start with Tarot....
Haloez141 You seem tired...... need to rest more. talked entire time with Ryuza on Yugiyoh
LoveHusky Another Brillant rose amongst the thorns.... sorry i was sick so i asked Spade to do the reading
Ryuza nice to meet you Bro.... need to try your skill out.... seldom meet a intuitive reader.
Hope to meet up with you ppl again....Next Event.... WISHMASTER BBQ...... 31 May 2008.

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