Thursday, May 29, 2008

alternative tree of life spread

The Significator. This card represents the querent and should be chosen from amongst the Kings, Queens, Knights, or Pages.
1. Aims or Ideals. This card represents what the querent would like to achieve.
2. Influences. What is influencing the situtation.
3. General Nature. This is the general nature of the question; it defines it more completely.
4. The Key. This may be something that the querent osn't seeing; it is the key to the answer to the question or how to resolve the situation, or how to achieve what the querent is attempting to achieve.
5. Influences of the Present. Influences on the situation or question from present circumstances that the querent nees to take into account for this reading.
6. Influences of the Future. these will be things the querent will want to look out for.
7. Effect of the Significator. This is the effect that the significator (the querent) has on the situation.
8. Effect of the Environment. The effect that the people around the querent have on the situation, as well as other things surrounding the querent.
9. Hopes and Fears. These are things that the querent maybe fears will happen or hops will happen with the situation.
The Final Outcome. The ultimate answer to the querent's question.

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