Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is spread has many names. such as horseshoe spread, bridge spread, rainbow spread.
The following is from
1. The Past. This card represents past events that are affecting the queston or situation the querent is asking about.
2. The Immediate Present. Pretty self-explanatory; this card will tell you more about the situtation.
3. The Immediate Future. Near events that will affect this situation.
4. Something occupying the querent's mind. The querent needs to be aware of how this fits in with this situation.
5. The attitudes of others. Attitudes and thoughts about this situation from people surrounding the querent.
6. An Obstacle. This is something the querent must overcome to resolve the situation.
7. The Final Outcome. This is what will happen with the situation.
My interpretation of this spread is as follows.
Card 1 the past to see how important former events or actions have been
Card 2 The present
Card 3 Hidden influences
Card 4 Obstacles to over come
Card 5 The environment and attitudes of other people
Card 6 Possible solutions
Card 7 Future developments
Use it and see how it goes.

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