Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disney Afternoon Tarot.

While i was surfing the net looking for 2 of pentacles for my tarot diary today, I came across this.
It is Very cute and funny.
In the Waite Rider tradition it is drawn in.
Never published... probably due to copyrights issues.
I like the cards due to fact that they remind me of childhood watching disney cartoons.
The Disney Afternoon Tarot
The Magician - Mozenrath
The High Priestess - Morgana McCawber
The Empress - Binkie Muddlefoot
The Emperor - Scrooge McDuck
The Hierophant - Gryzlikoff
The Lovers - Launchpad McQuack and Beth Webfoot (of "The Webfoot Chronicles") in the title role. Above them is an angel/oni who looks suspiciously like the author of the series...
The Chariot - Aladdin as a charioteer, and Abu and Iago as ... uh ... I'm working on that.
Strength - Jasmine and Rajah
The Hermit - Megavolt
The Wheel of Fortune - The Gummi Bears.
Justice - Darkwing Duck
The Hanged Man - Bonkers
Death - Splatter Phoenix
Temperance - Goofy?
The Devil - Beelzebub with two of his prize catches: Negaduck and (ahem) Nega-Morgana.
The Tower - Negaduck
Judgement - Posiduck from "Pairaducks Lost".
Five of Swords - Don Karnage
The Page of Swords - Kit Cloudkicker
Two of Pentacles - Quackerjack
Four of Pentacles - Flintheart Glomgold
Eight of Pentacles - Gadget
Six of Cups - Cavin and Calla
Nine of Cups - Herb Muddlefoot
King of Cups - King Gregor
Seven of Wands - Gosalyn and ... some other ducks...
Page of Wands - Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Evil twin of aladdin.... not very well done
Scrooge mac duck,

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Apocalyptic said...

OMG this is so cute! I couldn't take anyone using this deck seriously though.