Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vertigo Tarot

One of my most favourite comic books and writers of all time is Neil Gaiman. He wrote books like the american gods, M is for magic, good omens and most famous of them all the comic series Sandman. (Well when he was last in singapore, i requested him to sign every single one of my sand man compliation books) One of the persons who made the sand man books good was the art covers of Dave McKean. Dave Mckean's art is unique and special. He likes to use collage and lots of modern style. Add this to Tarot and you have the Vertigo tarot.
The vertigo tarot is for one who knows stories from the sand man and other vertigo character. For instance the major arcana are made for some characters from the stories.

The Fool • John Constantine is from Hellblazer and recently the movie with the anti smoking campaign.

The Magician • Tim Hunter is a young mage much like harry potter..... in the books
Timothy Hunter, often called Tim Hunter and whose true name is Timothy Hunter; Tamar, son of Tamlin; The Opener; The Merlin; Magic, is a fictional comic book character in the DC Comics universe, a young sorcerer who first appeared in the four-issue miniseries The Books of Magic (1990-91), written by Neil Gaiman, with painted art by John Bolton.

The Empress • Titania, Queen of Faerie, is the legendary queen of summer and the summer fae.

The Hierophant • Morpheus of the Endless, Dream himself sandman, stiff necked and always into rules and regulations.

The Wheel of Fortune •Destiny of the Endless, the one in charge of fortunes and knows what will come next.

Death • Death of the Endless, cute and petite..... not the usual death.... but it comes at the end of everything

The Devil • Lucifer, has his own series in the vertigo world. morningstar tempt ppl with their wildest desires. master of treachery and self serving.
The World • Swamp Thing, has his own series and is part of all growing things and embodiment of life in earnest.
Basically, to anyone with no knowledge of the vertigo world, of sand man and of comics, it is a different deck to use as most of the cards are linked to the world. It is a theme deck and not for beginners with no knowledge of either TAROT or SANDMAN......


SHIMURE said...

I wrote this article and review for Weiwen since he quite like this deck.

Apocalyptic said...

Thanks Rowen. Love the deck lots. Cheers!