Thursday, May 15, 2008


Iris Lam Tarot & Book Japanese Anime Manga Art The scans have been compressed for loading speed. The actual cards look nicer and sharper.
Brand new. Published in Hong Kong. Set of 78 cards come inside a padded case comes with a book (in Chinese) and a slip case.
The major arcana and the face cards of the minor arcana cards are well illustrated. The rest of the minor arcana cards show symbols corresponding to their numbers. But, what the artist has done with the backgrounds is particularly neat. And the symbols of the same suit are varied, more or less, on different cards. The size of the cards is 2.3 by 4 inches. They are thinner than Japanese & Taiwanese cards, though about the same thickness as most US & Italian cards! (Easy to shuffle.)

This week i have featured a few decks, most of the decks i featured has to do with manga or comics or are cartoon characters.
All are quite nice and fun,
Vertigo tarot
Hello kitty tarot,
1999 x Clamp tarot
disney afternoon tarot
iris lam tarot.

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