Friday, May 16, 2008

16 & 12 Cards general Spread. Past Present Future

16 cards general spread

The lay of cards is as follows.

First columm is self or ambition.

1) Ace of Swords. (past)

2) Knight of Discs (present)

3) knight of swords ( future)

4) 3 of discs (guidance)

Second columm is emotions

5) 7 of wands (past)

6) ace of wands (present)

7) 2 of swords (future)

8) VIII adjustment (justice) (guidance)

Third columm is ideas, thoughts, education and learning

9) XX Aeon (judgement) (past)

10) 10 of wands (present)

11) IV Emperor (future)

12) 6 of discs (Guidance)

Fourth Coumm is Wealth and fulfilment

13) 3 of cups (past)

14) VII Chariot (present)

15) 7 of cups (future)

16) 5 of cups (guidance)

12 card general Spread

The 12 card general spread is the same as the 16 card spread but without the guidance portion.

I came up with the idea of this spread yesterday after meeting a client. She wanted to know a lot of stuff and wanted a general view of life. The 12 card spread was the one which i did for her. Each of the columms represent on of the suites.

The first columm represent the Wands which is passion, self and also ambition.

The 2nd columm represent the Cups which is emotions, communications and poetry.

The 3rd columm represents the Swords which is Ideas, thoughts and education.

The 4th colum is represents the Pentacles which is on Wealth and material fulfillment.

I find this spread to be very very useful. Try and see.

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