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X/1999 by Clamp and tarot cards.

While i was browsing the internet looking at tarot stuff, i remembered a Manga which i forgot about a long time ago. It is X by Clamp. In each edition of the X manga, there is a major arcana card. Each of the major arcana card represents one of the characters in tha Manga. I feel basically the minor arcana can be better represented. Most of them are just art from the Manga. It is a good deck to see and enjoy but not to use.

Kamui Shirō

Kamui Shirō
司狼 神威 (Shirō Kamui, 司狼 神威
The protagonist of X, Kamui is a powerful
esper whose destiny to decide whether the world should be destroyed so it may be reborn without humanity or save the world so humanity can continue to live in its current state.
In Kamui's childhood, he lived in
Tokyo, across the street from the Togakushi Jinja. Shortly after moving in, Kamui became fast friends with Fūma and Kotori Monou. Kamui and Kotori showed affection for each other at a very early age, which culminated in Kamui asking Kotori whether he could become her "bride". He has sworn to Fūma to protect her and never make her cry, and in exchange Fūma promised to protect him. In the TV series, this and several other childhood scenes from the manga were replaced by a scene in which young Kamui prevents Kotori from falling out of a tree at the risk of his own life. After this incident, Fūma, grateful to Kamui for saving his younger sister, pledged to Kamui that should he ever need help, Fūma would come to his aid.
At the age of nine, Kamui left Tokyo with his mother Tōru and moved to
Okinawa. They lived in relative peace for six years until Tōru's death. As Tōru burned alive, preventing Kamui from saving her with her own power, she implored Kamui to return to Tōkyō to seek his destiny.
Upon his return, Kamui appears cold, ruthless, and unsympathetic but this is an act to drive Kotori and Fūma away in an attempt to protect them. Kamui's goal is to retrieve the Shinken from the Togakushi Jinja and leave Tōkyō as quickly as possible. Kamui comes into contact with Daisuke, Arashi, and Hinoto in quite abrasive manners, resulting in several pitched battles. After Sorata's and Yuzuriha's respective arrivals, Kamui's violent behavior is tempered by their friendly demeanors.
Kamui ultimately chooses his destiny as one of the Dragons of Heaven, forcing Fūma to join with the Dragons of Earth.
After Kotori's death and Fūma's disastrous awakening as the other Kamui, he falls into a state of
catatonia, directly paralleling Subaru's own experience during Tokyo Babylon. After Subaru retrieved Kamui's consciousness from the depths of his soul, the two mutually identified with one another, having lived through heartbreakingly similar circumstances of the death of loved ones at the hands of a close friend or lover. Ironically enough, it is Kotori's death that brings Kamui's kind and compassionate nature back to the surface again.
Kamui has stated that his wish is to protect Fūma and to return him to his former self at all costs—even if he has to injure Fūma in order to accomplish this goal. In the TV series he achieves his goal, though it cost him his own life, whereas in the movie Kamui decapitates Fūma, and remains the only character who stayed alive. In the manga however, the Dragon of Earth Kamui, who can see other peoples' wishes, states that this is not Kamui's true wish, and Kamui won't be able to win against him unless he realizes and changes his true wish. This is also given as the reason that Kamui is, as of yet, unable to generate a kekkai in the manga.
An alternate version of Kamui makes an appearance in CLAMP's
crossover series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, as one of the vampire twins Seishirō is after. In Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations, he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.
In the X
Tarot set, he represents The Magician.
The major in this card is very very well represented. it has all the attributions of the magician. With the infinity on his crown and the 4 suits in the picture.

有洙川 空汰 (Arisugawa Sorata, 有洙川 空汰?)
An upbeat, irreverent teenager possessing considerable occult abilities, raised by the Shingon Buddhist monks of Kōyasan after being taken away from his mother at a young age. A gourmand, he was frequently in trouble at the shrine for stealing food between meals (insisting that he couldn't wait until dinner), and is also a competent cook. It was prophesied that he would protect Kamui with his life, but that he would die for a woman; the first time he meets Arashi, he decides she will be the one. An incessantly friendly young man, he wears down the resistance of both Kamui and Arashi and worms his way into their affections, despite their initial coldness and his own unrefined Kansai dialect. He is surprisingly perceptive, being able to read both Kamui and Arashi's thoughts from their facial expressions, and with Kamui, is able to discern that other forces besides the Dragons of Earth may be working against them
In addition to generating powerful electrical discharges, he is also capable of calling upon a gohōdōji, a magical being similar to a shikigami (or familiar spirit), manifesting as a massive, hideous ghostly creature. It is psychically linked to Sorata, allowing him to spy on others and act at a distance from himself, but he suffers any damage inflicted upon it. In the manga his gohōdōji follows Arashi until it is needed, functioning much like a guardian angel, while in the anime he dispatches it once, to protect Arashi when he cannot intervene himself.
In the anime, the prophecy is realized as he dies defending Arashi from Fūma's Shinken, despite her earlier attempts to kill Kamui. He similarly dies in the movie version battling Fūma, again giving his life to protect Arashi. He has yet to die in the manga, but is currently in the act of confronting Hinoto after discovering she has kidnapped Arashi and was setting up each of the Dragons of Heaven in order to kill them; he is considered by fans to have the highest probability of dying before the end of the manga.
In the X Tarot set, he represents The Chariot.

Yuzuriha Nekoi

Yuzuriha with her protector, Inuki
猫依 護刃 (Nekoi Yuzuriha, 猫依 護刃?)
A fourteen-year-old schoolgirl descended from the keepers of Mitsumine Jinja, masters of inugami (dog-spirits); their family name, which literally means "reliant on the cat", was deliberately chosen to conceal this. A fan of sweets such as ice cream and Pocky (fictionalized as "Pooky" in the manga and "Rocky" in the anime), Yuzuriha is exceedingly energetic, often diffusing latent tension between Kamui and the rest of the Dragons of Heaven. Yuzuriha's uncanny ability to allay Kamui's suspicions and earn his trust seems slightly tongue-in-cheek in that Yuzuriha essentially has dealt with wolf-like inugami her entire life, and Kamui's demeanor towards the rest of the Dragons of Heaven prior to Yuzuriha's appearance was rather wolfish—a play on Kamui's familial name.
Yuzuriha is attended by her own personal inugami, Inuki, who can shapeshift into anything she desires and who can only be seen by others with occult powers. She was teased throughout much of her childhood as her classmates believed Inuki was her imaginary friend. Because of this, Yuzuriha made a vow that she would never fall in love with (or even date) a man who could not see Inuki. However, the first person outside of her family that she meets who can see Inuki is Kusanagi Shiyū—a Dragon of Earth. Yuzuriha falls in love with Kusanagi, regardless of their conflicting fates.
Yuzuriha is, thus far, the only character who has effectively forced Fūma Monou, the Kamui of the Dragons of Earth, to stand down in battle—a feat which many of the older and ostensibly more powerful Seals, such as Kamui and Subaru, have yet to come close to matching. When Inuki is killed by one of the Dragons of Earth, she becomes greatly depressed, and Fūma confronts her, prepared to grant her apparent wish to die; however, as he is forced to admit, her true wish is to live, and a new inugami (which she also names Inuki) is born from her heart.
At the end of the final episode, Yuzuriha is seen sitting by a waterfall with Inuki and Kusanagi (the same waterfall that the original Inuki led her to earlier in the series). In the movie, however, Yuzuriha's relationship with Kusanagi is not acknowledged, and she is killed in a battle with Yūto and Kusanagi while protecting Kamui.
In the X Tarot set, she represents Strength.

Arashi Kishū

Arashi Kishū
鬼咒 嵐 (Kishū Arashi, 鬼咒 嵐?)
A foundling girl raised by Shinto priests at Ise Shrine (her mother was a priestess there until she left the shrine after learning of Arashi's destiny; her father apparently never knew of the pregnancy), and the Dragon of Heaven most immediately in touch with Princess Hinoto. Called the "Hidden Priestess of Ise", her specialty is sword fighting, and she can summon a massive sword emerging from her left hand. Despite her cold, stoic front, Sorata falls in love with her, and ultimately she comes to reciprocate. In the manga, Sorata and Arashi consummate their feelings for each other after Sorata injures himself while saving Arashi's life. As a result of losing her virginity, Arashi loses the power to summon her sword, just as her mother did before her.
In the anime series, she is convinced by Fūma that she must join the Dragons of Earth and kill Kamui, in order to release Sorata from his obligation to defend her. In so doing, she ends up causing the death of her lover, and loses her abilities as a Dragon of Heaven. In the manga she does not willingly change sides from the Dragons of Heaven to the Dragons of Earth, but following the consummation of her love for Sorata, finds herself unable to generate her sword from her hand. Upset, Arashi is placed under a spell by Hinoto's dark half such that when she reawakens, she will fight as a Dragon of Earth. In the movie, she is stabbed and killed by Fūma, after witnessing Sorata's last moments.

Karen Kasumi

Karen Kasumi
夏澄 火煉 (Kasumi Karen, 夏澄 火煉?)
A devout Catholic, Karen was abused by her fundamentalist mother when her power to manipulate fire manifested in her childhood. After her mother died, she was, according to the anime TV series, raised by a kindly priest, but she continued to remember her mother's last words: "No one would be sad if you died!" In the CD dramas it is shown that Karen was scouted by several religious sects in her childhood, but her mother would always shoo them away, saying her daughter was a demon and not a messiah.
As an adult, Karen works as a call girl for the soapland brothel "Flower", and often enters battle wearing her "work clothes", though she retains some of her childhood innocence in her beloved teddy bear Poe (named after Edgar Allan Poe). Aoki visits her at work for an interview, but, like a gentleman, refuses to take advantage of her; she comes to admire him for this. It is suggested (especially in later volumes of the manga) that Karen feels a strong affection—and probably a romantic attraction—for Aoki, but she has refrained from telling Aoki as much, likely out of respect for him and for his family.
In the anime series, Karen loses her life saving Aoki from Yūto; however, in the manga, she was last seen backing up Kamui along with Aoki and Yuzuriha during the beginning of the Final Battle.
In the movie, Karen and Shōgo battle in the subway. Karen causes a massive explosion, causing them both to be crushed by debris.
In the X Tarot set, she represents Justice.

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