Monday, May 12, 2008

Astarte's Spread

1. The Past.This card tells about the past and how it relates to the question.

2. The Present.This card will tell about the present; this defines the present situation as it relates to the question.

3. The Future.The outcome of the situation, if nothing is done to change it.

4. Below.This is what is working against the querent, or what they aren't seeing.

5. Above.What is working for the querent to their advantage.

6. Helpers. Something that will help the querent.

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SHIMURE said...
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SHIMURE said...

this spread seems to be quite useful for immediate guidance required.

the first 3 cards are the situation itself.

the 4 and 5 cards are situations which assist or are against the querent.

the last card instead of the outcome is more like a suggested help.

If it is a court card or an archetypical card like the magician, it could mean a person. If it is a situational card like the tower, it may mean changes or some event.

Need to try out and see.

Apocalyptic said...

Interestingly Astarte is Goddess of Fertility, Sexuality, and War.

There are supposedly links between Astarte and Aphrodite of the Greek Pantheon.

Thanks for the spread, I should try it out soon.