Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, Many a persons have asked me this question...

"Why being a tarot reader are you teaching others the art of tarot?"

"Are you not afraid that some of your apprentices will steal your business?"

"Are you not afraid that they are evil?"

"For to keep dark the mind of the mageborn, that is a dangerous thing.” Ogion from Wizard of earthsea.

That is my answer.

If these curious students are not taught properly, they would use the tarot to their own fancy and methods.

In the end, these students may ruin the reputation of TAROT. Hurt others with incorrect interpretation, Mislead others.

In addition, they may run afoul with darker arts and cause harm to themselves.


The next point is by teaching the young of mind, and sharing information, you need to be very sure of your knowledge and so you need to research more into the subject.

Prior to tarot, i taught AIKIDO to kids. When i teach, i observe their mistakes, their errors and correct them. By correcting them, i also correct myself in the basic moves. In doing so i improve.

In teaching tarot to others, they too share information with me. Such as larren teaching and sharing his event spread with me or Apol, sharing his knowledge of certain cards like the chariot or the minors especially the 7s with me.

Extract from wizard of earthsea.

Ged had thought that as the prentice of a great mage he would enter at once into the mystery andmastery of power. He would understand the language of the beasts and the speech of the leavesof the forest, he thought, and sway the winds with his word, and learn to change himself into anyshape he wished. Maybe he and his master would run together as stags, or fly to Re Albi over themountain on the wings of eagles.

But it was not so at all. They wandered, first down into the Vale and then gradually south andwestward around the mountain, given lodging in little villages or spending the night out in thewilderness, like poor journeyman-sorcerers, or tinkers, or beggars. They entered no mysterious domain.

Nothing happened. The mage’s oaken staff that Ged had watched at first with eagerdread was nothing but a stout staff to walk with.

Three days went by and four days went by and still Ogion had not spoken a single charm in Ged’s hearing, and had not taught him a singlename or rune or spell.

Though a very silent man he was so mild and calm that Ged soon lost his awe of him, and in aday or two more he was bold enough to ask his master, “When will my apprenticeship begin,Sir?”

“It has begun,” said Ogion.

There was a silence, as if Ged was keeping back something he had to say.

Then he said it: “But I haven’t learned anything yet!”

“Because you haven’t found out what I am teaching,” replied the mage, going on at his steady,long-legged pace along their road,


In teaching Tarot to my students or apprentices,

sometimes they do not understand the need of why i request for them to do daily draws,

to read books on tarot, to ground their foundation in the meanings of the cards, to know the system.

All these which i teach have meanings.

Well most students would be like Ged.... and question me. I would try and answer them as best as i can.

As for certain apprentices, such as chris, She mentioned that i treat her different to my other apprentices.

Well my answer to her is that she is different. She reads a lot with her intuition and need to have focus.

She told me she does not like to use spread and asked me for the reason whereby i use spreads.

My answer, spreads is a point of focus whereby cards arranged in a certain manner would let the answers be clearer.

Like a pattern. like a form. like when you do martial arts, you know of a kata and use the kata in motion or in combat, you can act without thinking once you get it done or a part of you.

A spread has that ability......

Lastly, I would stand as a hermit, with a lamp to guide those who wants to seek wisdom from the cards......

A lightworker, a teacher.... A lamp lighting the way in a world of darkness.....

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