Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Urban Tarot Card Project

This deck was envisioned as both a stand-alone deck and a tie-in to a roleplaying game. Unfortunately, the publisher involved with the game has since dissolved. As a result, the deck is still yet to be completed.
The set is based on the symbology of the Crowley Thoth Tarot, with an emphasis on the four elements. I was originally one of four artists working on the set, and my completed quarter of the deck is shown here in its entirety. My portion of the deck included all of the suit of swords (associated with Air) and a selection of the Major Arcana related to the same element.
Recently, I've started creating new images for this set again, and the newest cards are shown at the top.

Somehow this deck reminds me of the mage the ascension deck.
The differences is the patterns and features as the painter stated is in the crowley tradition whereas in mage the ascension, the waite rider method was used.
I prefer this deck to the mage ascension deck though as the choice of colors is richer and much more graphic.

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