Monday, July 28, 2008


The devil card, is a very very interesting card which happened to appear when i did a reading for a client recently.

I did a total of 4 readings concerning an issue the client had concerning relationship with her partner. In all the readings, the spreads which i used was very different, the 12 card general spread, the 10 card H spread, the celtic cross and the tree of life. in all of the readings the devil appeared.

It is very significant to my understanding. It turns out that they were about to be married, but the wedding was cancelled. Hence the devil card.

The devil card means to be bonded to another or to subject oneself to another's rule or control. To lose the will to act. to give up one's freedom to other.

In the course of work, it could mean that the person would be signing a bond or a contract for a period of time. Bonded to the company.

It could mean marriages....

It could mean strong attraction to another force.

It serves as a warning, of traps of deceit and of things which the querant should look into. it could also mean for the querant to plan for the future and have ambitions but do not be bonded by the ambitions as one would bind oneself like that of the sign of capricorn whereby the devil rules.

Lastly, like the card above means...... Great is the temptation of a chocolate cake to those who needs to diet. The devil means all the sins which tempt us mortals. pride, envy, lust, Wrath, greed, sloth and gluttony. These things would occur to us all. it is the devil which tempts us. it is asking us whether we are giving in to them?..... Warning for all.

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