Thursday, July 17, 2008


On wednesday, i did a tarot card reading for an acquaintance whom i met for the 1st time.
The querant is a lady. She is a Sagittarius.
the question is about her relationship with her husband.
From the looks of this spread it seems to be very bad.
the current situation is that both of them has a quarrel and there is a standstill in the relationship.
As seen by the 2 sword cards in the centre, king of swords (which could represent the husband) and 2 of swords.
the 7 of pentacles means that there is no progress in the relationship.
If there is no changes in the relationship, it seems that she will be defeated by a third party coming into the relationship. ( 5 of swords and 5 of cups). Her disappointment would be great.
If there is changes to the relationship, there may be hope. Since there is justice and death. But there is likely hood of the relationship to end in a divorce. which is bad too.
In both cases there is a strong evidence that there is a third party in the relationship. This is seen by the page of pentacle and the queen of cups.
What led to the relationship being as such is the cards, moon, 8 of wands and page of wands. the moon means illusions and reality are not equal, passions is represented by the 8 of wands and a rush in getting married and the page of wands would represent again passions being too young.
the hanged man means sacrifice and loss,
the 5 of wands means strife
the page of cups which means relationship being to ideal.
Summary. there are 3 cards which are 5 and there are 3 cards which are pages.
3 Fives = hesitation
Missing in the 5s is pentacle. which could mean that the core of the matter is money related also.
3 Pages = dispute
missing in the page is swords, which means there is no clarity in the relationship and it is all very brash.
missing in the pages is swords.
The majors in the spread are Death, Hanged man and the moon. all very negative....
All in all this is a very negative spread.

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