Thursday, July 17, 2008


A client requested a reading of iching for me. the transformation is as such.
The Chinese word lin has a range of meanings that is not exhausted by any single word of another language. The ancient explanations in the Book of Changes give as its first meaning, "becoming great. " What becomes great are the two strong lines growing into the hexagram from below; the light-giving power expands with them. The meaning is then further extended to include the concept of approach, especially the approach of what is strong and highly placed in relation to what is lower. Finally the meaning includes the attitude of condescension of a man in high position toward the people, and in general the setting to work on affairs. This hexagram is linked with the twelfth month (January-February), when after the winter solstice, the light power begins to ascend again.
Nine at the beginning means:Joint approach. Perseverance brings good fortune. (transformed)
The good begins to prevail and to find response in influential circles. This in turn is an incentive to men of ability. It is well to join this upward trend, but we must not let ourselves be carried away by the current of the time; we must adhere perseveringly to what is right. This bring good fortune.
Nine in the second place means:Joint approach. Good fortune. Everything furthers.
When the stimulus to approach comes from a high place, and when a man has the inner strength and consistency that need no admonition, good fortune will ensue. Nor need the future cause any concern. He is well aware that everything earthly is transitory, and that a descent follows upon every rise, but need not be confused by this universal law of fate. Everything serves to further. Therefore he will travel the paths of life swiftly, honestly, and valiantly.
Six in the fourth place means:Complete approach. No blame.
While the three lower lines indicate rise to power and influence, the three upper lines show the attitude of persons in higher position toward those of lower rank for whom they procure influence. Here is shown the open- minded approach of a person of high rank to a man of ability whom he draws in to his own circle, regardless of class prejudice. This is very favorable.
The transformation from 9. Hsiao Ch'u / The Taming Power of the Small to Lin / Approach.

9. Hsiao Ch'u / The Taming Power of the Small is auspicious but to a small degree. Changing from small auspicious to Lin which is very auspicious means that the person will do well.

Hence it is telling my client to start small and eventually will be rewarded.

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