Sunday, July 6, 2008

Seeking and mending hearts and Souls. by J. Michael Straczynski

Yesterday i received a SMS informing me of the death of a friend of mine. She died of cancer.

She was filled with life when i last met her 4 years back when we went for a holiday in Bintang.

She had hopes and dreams and ideals.

Yet humbled by a terrible disease.

Life is filled with unexpectedness.

One moment, you may feel you are the top of the world... the next who knows.

Even cards do not tell me....

On the same day, I have gotten this bookKinokuniya bookshop.

Well in the book the main character ended his life due to dejection and rejection of love.....

Many a time, the thought had came to my mind when my purpose in life left me....

Yet i know i know hope will cease with end of life and there is more to life than love.

So i live to make differences.

Like the main character of the book.

The main story begins with the Jonathan being given a book and he committing suicide.....

In the book there is

"You name:"
'"The words that brought you here:"
"The words that will release you:"

Jonathan writes his name and "All love is unrequited. Haven't you heard?".
Mystery said to leave the last line blank for now. Jonathan and Mystery start looking for "The lost".

Well "All love is unrequited. Haven't you heard?". seems true to me......

Love is unrequitted in my instance no matter how hard i tried.......

My cards never failed me....

it was my heart which misguided my acts.


dianna butler said...

Are you THE J. Michael Straczynski?

SHIMURE said...

I am not THE j. michael straczynski.

Only merely a person who appreciates his works.