Thursday, July 31, 2008

Students and teachers.

Taken from Wizard of earthsea by ursula le guin.

"Ogion knelt down and built the fire on the hearth and lit it, for the house was cold. Then still
kneeling he said in his quiet voice, “Ged, my young falcon, you are not bound to me or to my
service. You did not come to me, but I to you. You are very young to make this choice, but I
cannot make it for you. If you wish, I will send you to Roke Island, where all high arts are
taught. Any craft you undertake to learn you will learn, for your power is great. Greater even
than your pride, I hope. I would keep you here with me, for what I have is what you lack, but I
will not keep you against your will. Now choose between Re Albi and Roke.”
Ged stood dumb, his heart bewildered. He had come to love this man Ogion who had healed him
with a touch, and who had no anger: he loved him, and had not known it until now. He looked at
the oaken staff leaning in the chimneycorner, remembering the radiance of it that had burned out
evil from the dark, and he yearned to stay with Ogion, to go wandering through the forests with
him, long and far, learning how to be silent. Yet other cravings were in him that would not be
stilled, the wish for glory, the will to act. Ogion’s seemed a long road towards mastery, a slow
bypath to follow, when he might go sailing before the seawinds straight to the Inmost Sea, to the
Isle of the Wise, where the air was bright with enchantments and the Archmage walked amidst
“Master,” he said, “I will go to Roke.”"


Well recently one of my students commented that she is learning from other tarot readers. A tarot reader who is more attuned to her needs.

that is perfectly fine with me. For it was i whom approached her to teach her.

Through teaching her, i found that she was more intuitive reading then the methods and the paths which i teach do not interest her.

I thought that the skills i teach would restrain her uncontrolled powers and have a point of focus for her.

Perhaps i am not suited to teach her. Or she does not understand what i am teaching.

Well if she wants my instructions or advice, i will give it to her. but for the time being, the other reader would assist her more than i.

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