Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tarot reading using the H or sword spread.

Well last nite, i met up with a friend
We had dinner at Ministry of Food, and i did a tarot reading for her.
She seemed troubled about whether she would find a good job.
I used the self developed H spread or sword spread. In using this spread, although the yes and the no are 50 to 50, it is very positive as the middle card is the Star. which in my posts prior to this is high hope. which is good.
However as there is the Hermit, Magician in the yes part, she needs to reflect on herself and take action. In addition to all this there is 9 of swords which means for the near future she will still be worried. Finally the last card in the yes portion is 3 of swords. it is advising her to be less personal and more objective. care less about feelings and politics which are harmful.
If she does not find work, she will be rediscovering herself as the card known as the sun. the page of cups means she will be developing new relationships and the emperor would be someone would control or she would gain maturity and control over a situation and the final card would be perhaps new opportunities will come.
Well the limitation of the spread is about the timing and such.

Hence the earliest she would be able to find work would be at least 2 weeks time longest is 6 months.
But for me i believe it would be 2 month time.

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