Sunday, July 20, 2008

FRIENDSHIP (NON tarot related)

This weekend was fun filled and action packed........
(Movie on Friday nite with SGclub member,
Tarot outing and going to celebrate Sky and Genghis' birthday on Sat.
Non stop mahjong session and Botak jones dinner on Sun).
Details of the events on Saturday i will follow up with another post.
What made it truly fun is friends...... or cool people whom you can hang out and chill with.....
We often take people around us for granted. However, when you are down and out and need a helping hand or a hug or a kiss, someone will show it to you.
To all who know me.......
In my darkest hour, you were there to light a path.
In the ebbness of my power, you became my thoth
In my sadess, you gave me warmth
In my hapiness, a smile you brougth forth.
In all things, Thank you.

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