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The Wheel of fortune is ruled by Jupiter.

Astrology - Jupiter King of the Gods

Be gracious, all-seeing Son of Cronos, most excellent and great!
Its symbol represents the crescent of receptivity waxing as a focus of material activity.
One of the brightest planets in the sky, Jupiter was noted by ancient astronomers as the only object that travels across the entire celestrial sphere.
The ancient Egyptian god Ammon, depicted as a man with a rams head, eventually became the King of the Greek gods, Zeus, the son of Cronus (Saturn).
Zeus was the supreme being living on Mount Olympus where he ruled over the society of gods.
Zeus was omnipotent and to mortals he dispensed good and evil from the jars placed at the gate of his palace. He was responsible for punishing the murderers as well as protecting the weak.
The Romans transformed Zeus into Jupiter or, in Latin, Iovis - Jove, from where we get the word Jovial.

The World is ruled by Saturn

Its symbol shows the cross of matter above the crescent of receptivity symbolically placed at the Nadir.
In the Egyptian legend Isis (Jupiter) swathes Osiris (Saturn).
This became the Greek legend of Saturn too. Cronus (Kronos or Chronus) was warned that his child would be his downfall and took to eating his offspring. Zeus, however, escaped this fate and usurped his father to become king of the gods.
All men are eventually usurped by their children.
The reign of Saturn was celebrated by the poets as the Golden Age which was later celebrated by the Romans as Saturnalia. Along with the Solsitice celebrations, this holiday later became the Christian Christmas.
The Romans took Cronus and transformed him into their Saturn - a god of agriculture - and again the symbol came to represent the conquest of time and death.


In the Major Arcana cards, there is a total of 2 cycles of 11.

0-10 is the first cycle. more mundane level.

11-22 is the second cycle of a more spiritual level.The first 10 cards of the major arcana refers to people whom we can see or works we can relate to.

0) The fool - self, fools, children

1) The MAGICIAN is young man, sales man, teacher, mage. appearances.

2) The high priestess is Young woman, Teacher, guide, subconscious.

3) The Empress, the mother,

4) the emperor, the father, the boss.

5) the hierophant, the judge, legal issues.

6) the lovers, your partner in life

7) the chariot, the act of victory or the taxi driver, or the driver.

8) Strength, the lion in us.

9) the hermit. the seeker in us. or a teacher.

10) the wheel of fortune. Manifests itself as a sub consious aspect of achievement of the first cycle. In the tarot story good fortune or jupiter befalls the fool.


The 2nd cycle. comprises of the spirtual realms which we cannot see. Forces beyond the control of our grasp. Planetary bodies and forces.

11) Justice

12) Hangman : enlightenment via sacrifice.

13) death: the act itself

14) temperance: angel, the action of putting thoughts to action. the balance of alchemy. highest ideals of good.

15) Devil. the entity itself. lust and passions. basest ideals of evil.

16) Tower: Ego, destruction. failure.

17) Star: hope

18) Moon: illusions, dreams, confusions.

19) Sun: rebirth, innocence.

20) judgement: end and consequences.

21) the world aspect of saturn. the rendering of thought to material. the actualisation of actions.


Similarities in both cards. in both cards you see the eagle (scorpio) water, the angel (aquarius) air, the bull (taurus) earth and the lion (leo) fire.

In the wheel , you see it as a full representation, it may mean at this aspect that the 4 elements are seen as in the 1st cycle by the naked eye, which reiterates the aspects of the 1st cycle as mundane items.

In the world, you see only the heads of these elements. therein itself the realisation that it is in the mind of us. in the 2nd cycle it is in the mind.

If you see the centre of the wheel, you see the aspect known as TAROT which is cycle for the wheel. As i have stated in my quotes and to my clients, TAROT is a mirror to the soul. How better to state that the fact whereby TAROT or the aspect of the wheel whereby the thoughts are the result of what is going on around us. Hence the wheel is the result of good thought due to good influences around us.

If you see the centre of the world, you see the aspect of a woman. this woman reflects the aspect of harvest or materialisation which refers to that of the empress aspect. In relationships or in the harvesting, the highest ideals in the ancient's aspect of wisdom is the act of birthing. which is then again bringing love which is a aspect which cannot be seen to the real life.


Therein, i scribe upon the meanings and comparisons of the wheel of life and the world which we live in.

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