Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last night, i went to be a tarot card reader for a pre-dinner and dance event at the park royal hotel for a teacher's day function for chong cheng high school and Nanyang Junior College.

I was to do only Tarot card readings and wanted to come up with a general spread for use for function. Normally i would use the General 12 card or 16 card spread which looks like a square. which is featured below. It looks boring.

I discussed with Wen and came up with the following spread which i call the wave spread.

Cards 1-3 on the left side represents the self. card 1 is past, card 2 is present and card 3 is future / advice.

Cards 4-6 on the right side represent the emotions card 4 is past card 5 is present and card 6 is future or advice.

Cards 7-9 on the left side represents the education or legal matters or disputes. card 7 is past card 8 is present and card 9 is future or advice.

Cards 10-12 on the right side represents the career or wealth. card 10 is past card 11 is present and card 12 is future or advice.

As you can see it corresponds with my 12 card spread in attribution and in meanings. the final card is the 13th card which is the overall feel of the spread.

Actually after a careful look, the spread resembles the transformational world of the Kaballah.

Look at the above diagram. See how cards 1-3 representing fire corresponding to the fifth sefirot 5 Geburah which also represents the plane of fire.

Cards 4-6 represents the fourth sefirot 4 Chesed which represents water.

Cards 7-9 represents the seventh sefirot 7 Netsach which is air.

cards 10-12 represents the eighth sefirot 8 Hod which is earth.

Card 13 is the middle pillar or sixth sefirot 6 Tifereth which is the middle pillar.

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