Monday, August 25, 2008


This is a Deck of Majors only.
The deck is very unique as it does not conform to the Rider Waite nor the crowley.
It is created by Ash Abdullah, a local singaporean artist and tarot reader of great art and talent.

"The Fool"

This is one of the most positive card is the deck.
Instead of the normal fool walking towards the edge of a cliff. The fool is seeking his dreams and passions. Walking towards the tower in the midst of clouds.

X imprisoned instincts.

Well normally this card is the wheel of fortune in most decks.
However the card is now imprisoned instincts.
In my conception, The wheel of fortune is instinctively good fortune to befall upon the fool or the instinctive.
In the fool's journey, it comes after the hermit which is to seek out truth after years of conditioning.
The old man who has been imprisoned in thinking and conditioning.
It would be like in the blink of an eye all good will come to you.
It means to trust your true self in view of all evidence against it.
Be a rebel and feel young again. rediscover yourself. trust your instincts instead of the facts, the statistics and the acts. In return fortune will smile upon you.

XI Duality.

In this space is Justice in the rider waite or Lust in the crowley.

2 dualities blend into 1.

Justice, air upon air, power of reason. Lust, fire upon fire, passion driven.

Seeking the middle path and not taking either meanings yet blending 2 in 1 has this card done and by its explanation, i am impressed.

XIV Temperance.

Fire and water comes to 1 in this deck. Thought becomes reality what more is there to say.


The uniqueness of the deck is that it is created and drawn only with pencils. There is no color and is very good for use with Shadow work or Shadow play, a means in the tarot whereby there is no requirement to use that of reversals.
There is no LWB for this deck instead there is an explanation for each of the cards at Ash's website.

Another point which draws my attention to the deck is the sincerity of Ash in the explanations in which she has written for each of the cards. I have quoted parts of the blog as follows.

For those who are interested to see more pictures and to learn more of the deck the following is the link.

For those who want to order the deck, you can contact Ash at her email.

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