Thursday, September 25, 2008


In support of the community project to Yuksam and in support of the service learning Club, there will be a fund raising project outside Heeren on the 3rd to 5th of October.
I would be doing Tarot readings and Astrology on the 4th of October 2008.
All proceeds from my readings and astrology charts will go in support of this community project.
Please come and support.

The Yuksam project is a mission to visit Yuksam in India and to aid to setup schools and teach students there.

The Service Learning Club at NIE was set up with the objective of providing opportunities of
Service Learning for the students and trainee teachers at NIE. Over the past few years, SLC
has organised numerous local and overseas projects. The local projects include collaboration
with local schools, environmental awareness projects (e.g. MAD about Bats), as well as
various events, such as the SLC Jamboree. SLC has also facilitated numerous overseas
expeditions, and this year alone, there will be teams going to India, Thailand, Cambodia and
This trip marks the fourth expedition to Sikkim, since SLC’s inception in 2003. The reason for
the choice of Sikkim, as a target community, is to try and curb and reduce the impact on the
environment caused by the rapid growth of tourism and development in the area.
The objectives and mission of the team for this trip are:
• To provide a better learning environment for the local children, through the
upgrading of school’s facilities including the Library, and Math Labs.
• To increase environmental conservation awareness, and educating the locals
about waste management.
• To provide a platform for cultural exchange, and allow the locals to know more
about some of the traditions and cultures in Singapore, and vice versa.
We have named our team “Team Zja Pyyar”, which means 4th Love in Hindi, the dominant
language spoken in the region. Team Zja Pyyar will set off on the 1st of December, 2008, and
will return to Singapore on the 22nd of December. The entire duration of the expedition will be
21 days, and during these 21 days, we hope to achieve all of the above-mentioned objectives.

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