Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last night a member of the SGclub forum presented this spread and requested for an interpretion of this spread.

The question: "Will i meet another good relationship?"
Technically, i should not interpret the spread for her. Based on the following reasons.
1) I have not met her in person and have no intuitive grasp of the person.
2) I am not doing the spread and the attributions of the spread may not be the same as what i normally do.
3) She is using reversals in her spread which i do not use.

The cards which she used is the rider Waite. For my personal preference, i am illustrating the spread and cards using the X-Clamp 1999.
The following interpretion is based on my understanding.


Worry of the current situation.

Not happy. not understanding the situation.


Lonely Barrier: 4 OF CUPS

From the looks of things, she seems to be afraid to look for another, to open up herself. Some chances or people around her may be suitable. She does not see nor count her current blessings.....

Afraid is she to open up.

What leads to the question. : 3 OF SWORDS.

Sorrow, pain and heart break. Lost love and failure in relationships in the past.
What she hopes for : 3 OF PENTACLES

Appreciation for efforts put into relationship. Appreciation for who she really is.

Immediate Past: The World (reversed)

Dreams are dashed. What once was possible becomes impossible. Dreams of fulfillment are no longer the same.

Immediate future: KING OF PENTACLES
1) She may meet a person of taurus nature. 2) Or she is keeping to herself very much and not sharing her emotions. scared about sharing. 3) she is very career minded at the moment and not suited to change.


She would not be able to meet someone she expects.

1) the expected person may be unexpected. tides in with 4 of cups.

How others see her:- 3 of wands

She is seen as a person who is quite ready but awaiting for relationship to befall on her. passive.

How she views herself:- Temperance

She views herself as someone trying to put actions to words or to achieve her dreams.

Final outcome: - page of swords.

In studies or in the pursue of education will she meet one. In addition, this person maybe an aquarius. 3) she should look around.


Last point to note: there is 3 minor cards of 3. Which is a good sign. Means she is ready for love. Yet there is very little or no 3 of cups. Means perhaps at the present based on her mind set..... she is not ready for relationship? she need to reflect on herself and to check.

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