Sunday, September 14, 2008


Recently, about 2 weeks ago, upon the temptations of Christina, my student, I decided to purchase TAROT of the Elves. We purchased it from Tarot gardens.
Upon first glance of the deck, i have an impression that it would be images from the rider waite smith (since Lo scarbo normally does lots of decks in the rider waite smith tradition.) However, upon closer examination, the cards are different. Some of the major arcana are displaying a darker scene and each of the suits tell a story.

The magician is one of great power and control as displayed by his control of the runes.

The fool is at rest instead of in motion. Unaware of the lady who waits for her love to be returned......

This high priestess is very very different. The marks and symbolic signs are there in the card. only a murder and a mystery marks this card...... (dark)

Another dark card is the wheel.... the unconcious traveller......
The swords is the darkest of the suits, tell of a story of a Elven man's choice and of the dangers of necronmacy.....

The cups is the best suit of fulfillment and happiness.

The pentacles tell of redemption of a theft.
The wands is of power and dark magics....

For Those who are interest in more, please go to the following website.

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