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6 OF CUPS: PLEASURE, REMEBERANCE OF PAST EXPERIENCES. I am using the six of cups as an example of how the different tarot decks would affect various. As Six of cups is a gift and lesson learned from past experience resulting in Pleasure, I hope this example would assist readers to understand the various decks.
In the old days, the pip cards are like our poker cards very very plain. there is no markings and no additional meaning which you can draw from the basic image of the cards. An example of such cards would be the above. the china tarot. which shows only 6 cups.... Hence only those skilled in the art of Tarot and remember the meanings could use the cards to greatest advantage.
Then there is the Arthur Waite deck which revolutionise tarot. in which scenes are placed for the minor arcana. The decks below, from Robin wood and Hezicos tarot, show a scene whereby a layperson can connect with. Hence most tarot teachers / Intuitive readers would prefer and recommend the decks drawn in this tradition for beginners.

Six of Cups (WAITE RIDER)
Two children among six flowering cups. There is a great deal of rich and complex symbolism in this card, but in a nutshell, it is a frozen moment of perfect balance, the boy and the girl both touching that one cup with the flower in it. I like to think of this as taking place in early spring, still cold enough for the girl to wear mittens, but warm enough for the first flowers to have blossomed. The girl, possibly accepting the flower, looks up and sees the boy, and he, perhaps giving the flower, sees her as well. Perhaps, on that cup, their hands touch for the first time. It is a charming moment of recognition, of puppy love. The meaning of this card refers to a moment of nostalgia, of something or someone from our past coming back into our life. Given an old photo, or an invitation to a school reunion, we get, in return, a memory of harmony. Perhaps we meet with a friend, relative or teacher we haven't seen in years and the exchange of memories restores to us past love, past balance. We rediscover lost equilibrium and a solution that we could never have found in the present.

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Crowley's deck is different and has a lot of symbols and have key word of Pleasure at the bottom of the deck.


This helps people to Select the types of decks to use.


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