Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spontenous Tarot..... INTUITIVE.....?

"LEARNING IS A NEVER ENDING PROCESS..... You never know who may be your next teacher?"

I met a client on Saturday afternoon. She mentioned that my method of tarot reading of using 1 spread per answer per question is very slow and not very spontenous..... and each one answer will take very long to answer.....

She mentioned that she had a tarot reading done by a friend a long time ago and it was very different.

The friend would do a past, present and future 3 card spread for the first question. and as she progressed with more questions, the friend would progress the spread and the questions.....

As i have never done tarot in the manner in which she has stated and i did not feel it was to the best interest of the client. i never tried the mentioned method for her at that point in time.

My reasoning is that each question requires the use of all 78 cards and each answer will have the full spectrum of changes and cards in it.

However, since we are all tarot readers and various readers have their own methods of reading, i will touch on what my client meant and how to carry out a reading based on her method.

Firstly, the client will begin shuffling her deck concentrating on the question. lets take the instance as she wants to know whether "jeff" is the right person for her.

When she feels that it is right, take the deck from her and do a 3 card yes and no spread. the card in the centre Hierophant is the basis of the question, the ace of cups is yes and the king of pentacle is no....

Lets go into details... she is thinking of a permanent relationship with jeff by the hierophant....perhaps marriage.....

Yes is ace of cups meaning.... yes it may be a good start in the relationship....

No is king of pentacle.... perhaps career wise Jeff is stable and spend less time with her or Jeff is not putting effort in the relationship.

Then the development of the next question..... How will the relationship turn out if they were to continue based on the Yes assumption and the no assumption....?

She will take the cards and shuffle and continue....

If futher questions arises.... the spread becomes bigger... till all 78 cards are laid.

Just another method of how tarot is done.

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