Thursday, December 25, 2008


The rider Waite's Ace of wands shows the following.

The waters are beneath, and thereon are water-lilies; the hand issues from the cloud, holding in its palm the cup, from which four streams are pouring; a dove, bearing in its bill a cross-marked Host, descends to place the Wafer in the Cup; the dew of water is falling on all sides. It is an intimation of that which may lie behind the Lesser Arcana.
Divinatory Meanings: House of the true heart, joy, content, abode, nourishment, abundance, fertility; Holy Table, felicity hereof.
Reversed: House of the false heart, mutation, instability, revolution.

The above is from the FAVOLE tarot which is symbolised by a rose. Rose is the symbol of relationships. As it is a deck which is more of the gothic manner, the cup is not used.
The idea of Ace in a reading is beginnings and rediscovery of ideas and circumstances which one my understand.

On christmas eve, my daily draw card is the ace of cups and at a party, i met up another whom was skilled in the art of BAZI and was tested by him on a particular bazi and Also tarot reading. He was very impressed by my skill in tarot and stated that it was quite accurate. For BAZI, he was satisfied with the explanation which i gave based on the chart which he plotted for me. I did state that if i had the 10000 year calender, i could reveal more informations.
I also met a few new people at the party. However i feel that the ace of cups meant meeting this particular person at the party.
The crowley's tarot is similar with promises of good relationships being developed.

The above ace is from Doro tarot.

The Ace of Cups shows a radiating blue chalice floating on a beautiful lotus flower in the midst of clear waters of the ocean. The all-containing magickal chalice represents the Holy Grail with streams of water and blood overflow from the cup indicating the outpouring of initial emotions of every dimension. The awakening light of love emanates from the chalice directing its transcending beams of illumination in to the universe where lovers entwined in the clouds embrace each other in the first stirrings of passion. The Ace of Cups stands for the direct knowing that comes from the heart reminding us that love is the most important and elementary aspect of life. It liberates the body, replenishes the soul and inspires the psyche.
Keywords: New love, aspiring relationship, stimulated passion, intuitive forces, overflowing emotion, realization of self-love, spiritual growth, awakening, intimacy, fertility, receptivity, abundance, imagination, liberation, grace, desire, clarity, flow, attraction, inner connection

The above Ace of cups is by Micheal and the website is as follows.

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