Sunday, December 21, 2008

9 of swords Worry.

Card of worry in the rider Waite imagary, it shows a person who is awakened by a nightmare and have 9 swords in the background and the dreams of the person is troubled and he covers his face with his hands....

9 is the card or the moviation of the greatest potential of the suit. In the sword suits, thoughts if allows to run wild, all forms of ideas for better or worst will come to mind. A person's mind can only be able to contain that amount of ideas and worries... if not it overwealms persons.

Speaking of dark visions.... for my case i drew the nine of swords often after terrible visions or nightmares the day before.... For my on 21st of December, i had the dreams whereby the values of money is no more. the US dollar, being unable to pay off the deficits of the country is no good. Hence it is cruelty to the world to cut off US, but it is the visions in which 3rd world war will begin due to this and the righting of balances. In this it brings to mind the crowley meanings of the 9 of swords.....
"Pain it is to bear,
Yet Love and kinship Wears.
As time and days reside,
A dream and fantasy abides.
When reality does not wait,
Cruelty escapes the devil's bait...."
In the Crowley tradition, the nine of swords mean Cruelty. Yet it is not really cruelty which stems from the card. As i stated earlier, it is the main driving force behind the suit.

As in 3 of sword, it is a triumph of mind over emotions.... as in 6 of swords, it is the solutions found via pure logic or science.... In the nine it is a combination of 3 and 6 which is logical solutions which is devout of passions.... which to some may seem cruel...

if a limb is infected beyond cure.... though it is cruel to amputate it from the body, yet it is this act in which will save the person. It is the cruelty or the pure logic to do what is right at the correct moment of time devoid of passions.....

If a relationship between 2 persons is failing, yet you do not want to be cruel and cut off the relationship or break up... in the long run both may be hurt even more deeply......

Be it worry or be it cruelty, the nine of swords is a card of great seriousness and warning for all to see and heed.

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