Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The 10 in most suits means the fulfillment of a suit. The highest potential in the current one suit. Since Pentacles refer to wealth, money, career and also assets.
and the acquiring of assets and wealth.

One of my tarot students who get this card in her daily draw stated that on the day she would get winfall of cash. It could be by jackpot or a creditor repaying an old debt.

It is also a card of completion of marriage or a fulfilled family. The card also signifies the purchase of a good house.

With regards to business transactions, it would be successful....

A man and woman beneath an archway which gives entrance to a house and domain. They are accompanied by a child, who looks curiously at two dogs accosting an ancient personage seated in the foreground. The child's hand is on one of them.

Gain, riches; family matters, archives, extraction, the abode of a family.

Additional Meanings: Represents house or dwelling, and derives its value from other cards. Reversed: An occasion which may be fortunate or otherwise.
The Worst is concerning health. If asked about health, it could mean that the person would be passing on his wealth to his descendant. Which is the negative aspect of this card. Once i did a reading for a particular person on his health and in the spread both 10 of swords, death and 10 of pentacles appeared. It was shown that he had Terminal cancer and heart problems....

Generally 10 of pentacle is a good card.... except for the regards of health.....

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