Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night i had a client with a very extra ordinary reading......

I did a wave spread, 12 cards and the following 3 cards appeared in the spread and throughout the relationship questions which was asked.

From the above spread, i could state that the client was very uncertain of herself. However, there is hope through all her endeavours as the future cards, Strength, empress, 2 of swords and 10 of cups are all very positive cards.

The past is Death. the end and change of a relationship. I stated that the relationship has ended and that there is changes in the relationship to go forth.
The queen of cups is the present. In my instance, this card represents Scopio which represents my client. In this instance, she still wants the relationship in the past and is in the crux of the relationship.

She wants to be a good mother and wants to have a reconsoliation in the relationship.

Initially, she stated that my assessment of her situation is incorrect. However as we progress in the session, she stated that the initial explaination of the reading is true. She just did not want to accept it.

Hence it is important for a reader to clarify and state out the readings and build from the 1st reading.

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