Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Choices and decisions based on instinct and gut feelings.

Choices... We are faced with them every minute, every second of our lives.

When we wake up, we are faced with the choice of what time we should wake up and what clothes we should wear, what type of tooth paste to use.

Even while i am writing this article, i am making choices and decisions, what words to use, how to phrase my sentences.

In decision making and understanding, we need to know as much knowledge of what basis we are making the choice. Whether the consequence of the matter or choice is a great factor. Decisions which involves investments are of great importance. With the recent stock situation, some advise to sell your shares as the market is going down. Others are saying to hold. Trust your gut feeling? realised loss verus paper loss?

What about buying property or houses? buying of cars? People would want as much information as they can get their hands on prior to decision making.

What is the consequence? what would i get from it.

Emotional choices are based on feelings and on love. These cannot be seen.

Hence the tarot is one avenue in which people can see their thoughts or inner most to get insight prior to making decisions.

Recently, one of my clients approached me with a situation whether she should go back with her husband whom she divorced and had a child with. From the cards, it had a lot of cups 2, 3, 9 and 10 of cups and it has the sun in the spread. hence i told her there is still love in the relationship and could bloom and her child would be the bridge in their relationship.
I hoped this would be of use to her and reflect her innermost thoughts.
As for another reading i did, a man asked whether his ex would come back to him. From the cards, i said no as his ex is married and has a kid and the card judgement appeared in the final outcome saying that the end of the relationship it is.... please move on.
Therefore, choices are made based on the omens of the present. The tarot is one which is the mirror to one's soul and would give additional insight to it.

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