Friday, March 6, 2009


LIFE as we know it concerns various aspects and various effects.

Today i spoke to a vendor of mine at work, (well he is working in a petroluem chemical company in the US). He is at work at 1 am in the morning due to poor sales and stuff. Apart from work, he mentioned that it is 1am and he is in the office. I asked him to have a good weekend and we talked about the aspect of keeping balance in work, family and relationships and life.

This conversation reminded me of the 8 of pentacles. Some people live their lives concerned with only work. I had a friend who told me his work required him to work till 2am in the morning from 9am. which is more than 12 hours a day due to deadlines. He changed his job thankfully and am adjusting to a more balanced life..... It means losing out of the rest of the world as a whole with the concerntration in work or aspects of money and perfection as a whole.

It also means routine or a fixed manner to accomplish works....?

8 of pentacles means prudence as well which is hesitation to make decisions. or to take a 2nd look prior to decision making....
Which brings me to think of the next thought in my mind. In the absence of hesitance, there is swiftness. a thought of the wands.... total lack of inhibitance. which is the 8 of wand. Swiftness. rashness. decisions made with no thought. Gut feelings.... done of actions which are needed..... quick to anger. quick to take action. no pause... living life as one takes it? would it be good? with no restrictions or rules?

Fear, no forsight.... being trapped. total opposite to freedom brings to my mind 8 of swords...... a figure trapped by rules.... by one's prejudice in which one could not act.... a path is there yet one do not see?

Another thing which one would not see is too much love...? Love smothers one and one seeks love in other places.? in the 8 of cups it is love overflowing. what is there is not seen.... to seek more pleasure elsewhere.........

When one is in love. one complains about one's partner, when one does not have any lover... one seeks..... Irony is it not.

The value of one's love is not when the lover is by one's side but it is when there is absence of one's love in which one will think..... of value.

In the absences of a person, it is then one's worth is felt.

At work? one's absence may be felt by others.

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