Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tarot outing at coffee nations was a blast!!!!.
A lot of people turned up. 35 people in total.

As usual, i was doing readings for a lot of people.

The deck which used is the Vertigo tarot. See the expressions of interest by the various querants.
Cynwell, a street magician, introduced Mr Hugh a palm reader, his father's friend. He has many years of experience.

Others like Joanne, AKA Ms unpredictable, also did readings and came over too.
Peiling doing a reading.

Best of all is i get to see all my 3 disciples. Here is Christina and her boyfriend Kevin. the person beside me is Joey.

Sky and Iris came too.
Sky and Ryuza and people from SG Club. Ryuza and Joanne and me..... Below.

Cynwell and his friends who are all street magicians .....

It was an awesome day. Had a lot of fun but very tired.

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