Thursday, March 12, 2009


Recently I was reading's Ms unpredictable's blog and saw that XIA XUE actually did a tarot card reading... on her blog.....,

Well i saw the video and saw her doing the Celtic cross spread....

The deck which she used is quite a basic deck with a lot of meanings on each of the card too. It was based on the Waite rider deck.
Basically her first statement about the tarot card reading is correct...

she does notknow how to do it properly.... and she is doing it for the first time.

However, as a beginner she made a lot of mistakes.
1) She did not have in mind her question prior to beginning.
2) She had no idea what she wanted to do.
3) She asked each card a question. To me, when i do reading, technically 1 spread is for 1 question. Normally an important question.

So if she wants to do it her method... it is traditionally wrong and incorrect.

However, just for analysis sake and for the clarification of the spread done.

Basically, the celtic cross is a snap shot of a person's life in the case whereby one does not have any questions.

Provided that the cards are not rigged and that she just wanted to know what is happening in her life, i can conduce the following.

1) 3 of wands, (present) She has did a lot of effort in work and in matters of investment and thinks that these are virtues which she should have and is patiently waiting for these matters to come to fruitation.

2) 8 of swords (the card the crosses), Basically, she feels trapped in her current stage and has many committments and contracts. as a result she does not see that there are paths to be opened for her and opportunities which could available for her......

3) Knight of cups (what is beneath her) this is a card which means her motivations and her actions are based on emotions. she could be doing this out of her love of blogging and such..... in addition, it could also mean that currently she is in love.....

4) The Star ( Hopes and dreams) This is a card of high hope and of great things to come..... She is hopeful of great deeds to be accomplished and of heights to be taken..... and scaled.....

5) Queen of cups (immediate past) Well this card shows that there has been some drama on her emotional side lately and a lot of ups and downs in relationship issues... it could also mean that she is very very in need of some emotional support....?

6) 7 of wands ( immediate future) time for wait is must fight with valour and courage in order to achieve one's future...? challenges await.... rewards need to wait.

7) 7 of swords ( how the immediate future will turn into) See the thief..... beware of those who steals ideas and thoughts.... beware dreams dashed or ideas thrawted....... It may also mean expectations may not be met.....

8) 10 of pentacles ( how others see you in this time) you are viewed as a success to general public.... you have power, wealth and achievement.... yet it is a card of pinnacle of success..... What goes up? must come down?

9) Queen of Wands ( how you view yourself) You view yourself as a queen.... matured and have great knowledge and friendly to all.... you may appear firey on the outside.... yet you are a kitty in the inside.... PRIDE is your worst enemy.....

10) Two of wands (Final outcome) choice..... you are to review the past.... analyse the facts.... and make a decision for the future.... what do you want to achieve?


My review of XIAXUE.... well you need more practice to be a good reader.... but you need to read up more.... understand.....