Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tarot spreads and celebrating my birthday.

The last day of the sun Sign of pisces.
It is also My birthday.
Basically, it was a day where i spent fruitfully with beloved friends and a diamond dreamer, whom graced with with chocolates and presents alike.

It is also on this weekend that a lady client inquired me on the reading which is above.

I did not do the reading, it was done by her and i only interpret for her.....

Basically, she wanted to know her relationship with this person.

Firstly i would see that in this relationship it is one built for work. A lot of pentacles and that she met him at work.

There is disappointment in the relationship in the past and hope that it may solve her problems by the 5 of cups and the 6 of swords.

With the progress of the relationship, it may not be well due to loss in wealth..... 10 of pentacles (r) and 5 of pentacles.

The knight of swords, poses the question that there may be lots of quarrels to arise from it.....

The reversed ace of pentacles, proves that the quarent does not see the relationship to be good too...

Final advise is the chariot which is for the quarent to find out what she wants out of the entire relationship.......


Well perhaps i too need to re align what i want with my relationships with my friends too..?

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