Tuesday, April 14, 2009

乙木日主, negative wood. gentle grass

"The morning glory, coiling against the wall,

Oh how tall you are...?

Which side of the wall are you at?

The right or the left?

Your response.... whichever side having more sunlight.... and out of the wind....?"

乙木命的人,(凡出生日是乙丑,乙亥,乙酉,乙未,乙巳,乙卯的人 )

乙木 refers to those persons who are born in yi chou, yi hai, yi you, yi wei, yi si and yi mao.

乙木 yi mu, negative wood.

乙木 yi mu refers to the symbols of flowers, grasses and plants with no bark.

They are the greatest sociable persons in the world. like flowers, they like to admired for their beauty and grace.

They are the greatest persons of speech and they possess very very high Emotion quotion, EQ.

They instinctively know what to say at each occassion. Seldom does one catch a flower without an answer.

They are mutable and goes with the flow in the scheme of things.

They do not have very strong resolve and would follow the ideas of more strongest persons.

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