Tuesday, April 14, 2009



甲木 JIA MU, refers to those who are born in the day where it is jia zhi, jia xu, jia shen, jia wu, jia cheng or jia yin.

This means a person's daymaster is jia. see attached 八字 above for details.

The daymaster of a person refers to a person's main characteristics. It is similar to the Sun Sign of a person in english astrology.

甲木, refers to positive wood.

In symbology, 甲木 would give people the concept that they are tall like trees.

They can be the pillars of society.

They are honest and reliable.

In addition, they are quite frank with their ideas.

Like trees looking for expansion and growth, they are constantly reaching to develop their skills and upgrade their abilities.

Like trees, they are a bit rigid in their thinking and like to follow rules and regulations. Not very good risk takers.

However, as trees have very strong roots, these people are quite rooted to their tradition and respect their families a lot.

They do not like to seek help from others. However they are always the first to lend a helping hand to others. They make reliable and good friends.


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