Monday, June 22, 2009


Dear All who are interested in learning tarot.
I will be gathering students to start on the tarot course at Sanctum for the month of August.
It will be a basic course.
It will be done every wednesday from 5th August onwards at 7:00pm.
Course duration is 1 hours each lesson for period of 1 and a half months
The total cost of the entire course would be S$300.00.
Comes with notes.
Tarot Basic Lessons
The course would teach the student the meanings of the 78 cards.
The Way to easily familiarize to the Waite Rider Deck.
The Method to attune to one’s intuition.
The Method to choose good tarot decks.
At the end of the basic course there will be a small test to see how well the student has mastered the meanings of the tarot.
Outline of the course
Lesson 1: Introduction to Tarot
Lesson 2: Major Arcana
Lesson 3: Suit Wands
Lesson 4: Suit Cups
Lesson 5: Suit Swords
Lesson 6: Suit Pentacles
Please contact Sanctum for details.
11 Haji Lane Singapore 189204
Telephone 6299 0170
Fax 6299 0170
please contact:
Morgan AwyongMarketing

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