Monday, July 6, 2009

Magician and seeking the tools of power.

Recently I was requested to dress as a magician for a tarot card reading event.

I had a costume made consisting of a headband, a red outer robe, a white inner robe and a red rope sash.

Once the costume is ready i will take a picture.

I gathered the 4 items of power." which are all gifts from persons." Same as the tarot story of the wheel of fortune.

My sword is a folded sword.... in which it is hollow in the centre filled with void or air....
A gift from my father, who instructed me knowledge in youth. Sword of reason and logic....
My pentacle, a piece made by a friend a circle of Bronze. He was a person whom i do some work for in the past. a working relationship person.

Made of Bronze.... it is a sign of work done and friendship made. a promise kept by a friend at work

My cup a gift of a friend whose wedding i attended. A gift from an event of love?

It is the representations of emotions. as a gift of a union of love. this is most suitable for my use.

The wand was a piece of wood in which my aunt gave to me... the story of this staff is that she was doing gardening and she wanted it to be a support for the money plant. However, she gave it to me when i was injuried in my toe when i was young to walk with. it is Sanded down by her.....
The wands represents the fire of inspiration. A gift from my Aunt whom gave me the inspiration to do tarot.....

1st rule of Magick. it is not the form which is important but the will and the method in which the tools are obtained which is....
Hence with these tools, perhaps my tarot meditation will improve.

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