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Runes and their signification to me.

This is my set of rune stones. They were the display set in Kinokuniya and placed in the display cabinet with Dali's universal tarot.

When i took Khermery to Orchard for shopping, we went to Kino and i saw the stones and wanted to get them. That very friday, Kino had 20% sale for card members. I knew it was my opportunity to purchase these stones....

I feel the stones to be powerful and mysterious. During the Tarot outing, i let Carolyn and Jason touch the stones and they said some of the stones are charged with power..... interesting ar?
Obsidian and Clear Quartz
Obsidian is probably the most challenging stone used in crystal work. This form of volcanic glass has has been used by many native cultures to make knives. Emotionally and spiritually, it cuts to the heart of the matter, revealing what one may be trying to ignore.
You might be feeling that it's unfair that someone else got a promotion you wanted. Working with obsidian might bring to the surface what your role in this development was. Maybe you didn't want to work the extra hours the new position would have entailed. Perhaps you didn't want the responsibility. Maybe not getting the promotion makes you realize you'd prefer another career entirely.
These recognitions can be painful, for, although obsidian brings energy blockages to the surface, it doesn't dissolve them. Clear quartz, however, can help in the dissolving process. It can help you to release whatever blame you might be piling on yourself or feelings of failure. It can help to clear a path to your awareness that no matter how the circumstances of the physical world may temporarily unbalance you, in essence you are a manifestation of pure light. The more you can open yourself to this light, the greater your ability to consciously make choices that enhance your life.
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Well recently i find myself connected to the citrine stones. I dreamt once of owning both a bracelet for me to do my mantras and When I learnt that Khermery is dealing with crystals, i asked her for an energy exchange in form of lessons of tarot for a citrine bracelet.
The power of an object is made even stronger if it was a gift.

The same with tarot cards. Although i can use any deck, it is those which are presents from others which i read with most conviction and clarity. Perhaps it is the art of giving which gives strength to the cards.

The Processof Realization:CitrineIn choosing the crystals for our chakra kit, we thought for some time about selecting a stone for each chakra that would be most broadly useful to those who bought and used it. Our crystal for the third chakra is citrine.This crystal is most directly connected with helping us to channel creative energy into the realization of our dreams. One of its principal roles is to assist us in processing our beliefs and habits so that we can release those that do not serve us.For example, a belief such as, "Money slips right out of my hands" or "People who are prosperous aren't good people" will send out vibrational messages that we don't expect to receive abundance or maintain a state of prosperity. Instead, we will receive matches to what we are transmitting. We may find ourselves always getting unexpected bills. We may always see evidence that people who have money aren't good instead of learning about people who use their money generously.Citrine also helps to balance our expression of personal power. Although gold is a color for the third chakra, it is also an alternate color for the seventh (crown) chakra, which relates to our sense of interconnectedness with All That Is. Working with citrine can help to achieve balance between these chakras, and, hence, between the personal expression of power and the sense that one's actions affect all living beings.

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In my view the strength of the bracelet is very good for my mantras and belief and i seem to benefit much from it....The last piece of crystal is a generator.
This was my father's crystal which he neglected and placed in an area with much dust.....

I took it and cleaned it and it looks happy to be in the new place at my bed table.

It has many facets within it and there seem to be a face in the crystal....

I like it quite a lot....... and use in to bring a little sunshine to my life....
This is my Sunshine after the rain...?
It could signify my life changing since i recently found my love?

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