Monday, August 17, 2009

A poem on 4 cards, The tower, the moon, the 10 of swords and the 9 of swords.

Rarely do i use poems in my interpretion of tarot.

Yet today, a friend of mine came and requested an answer from me for 4 cards which she drew in relations to her feelings for a particular guy.

The cards which she drew are tower, the moon, 10 of swords and 9 of swords.
I came up with the following poem to help add sugar to the cruelty of the answer given which is to tell the guy her feelings and let go of part of the pain and anxiety in her heart.

“Towers of gilded gold sometimes the moon shines upon.
Dreams of love and secret longing is one which is hidden by the light of the nite….
Swords of cruelty (9 of swords) and Ruination (10 of swords) would bring the light of day.
With bolts of lightning and humbling effect they would change the landscape….
Creating anew from the destruction of old,
Like a butterfly from the cocoon of love….
A new friendship may begin?!”
She is quite happy to receive this answer and responded positively.
All the best to her new friendships?

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