Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It has been a long time since i came across any pictures on tarot decks which caught my attention. While Googling online for the Moon card image, i came across MICHELLE EWING JUABE. She is a talented artist and this is her web page.

The deck was a project for the fun of it done by her about 5 years back. It is about many popular movie icons and in very interesting major arcana roles.

Marilyn Manroe with the jar of hope for many a guy positioned at a very interesting position is the star.

The lovers card hmmm i don't really know the movie this one comes from? To me it seems the love of Legolas and Grimli of lord of the rings with the lady Galadriel in the backdrop.

Instead of the traditional passive high priestess.... a tomb raider character becomes the keeper and revealer of secrets.

Yoda of star wars.... the sensei to all jedis is the Hierophant.
Doctor evil of austin powers as strength.

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Ethony* said...

The Lovers is Jay and Silent Bob and God from Dogma, a film by Kevin Smith and the lady in next card is Mila's character from the Fifth Element, not Tomb Raider. Just wanted to let you know :)