Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving on and following passions.

"Everyone have a dream. Everyone has a passion. If you live each day working for your passion, you never work another day in your life."
A friend told me once.
Yesterday, i did a tarot reading for Moushumi, she asked whether she should go back to work (some corperate job) or to do something of passions. Be a writer.
The advice is the above reading.
"A old and wise you are at your place of power,
contented and riches you achieved,
Death crosses your path to power bring light of another day,
New fortunes tug your hearts with the wheel of chance.
Knowing your path and directing your chariot to it,
you will achieve the mastery of of power contained.
metamorphsis from one of money to one of passions,
therein your friends will know it is a new start for you.
knowledge will be given to one who seeks.
in the end..... closure to one world leads to the beginning of another...."
It also concerns me. for the past many days i was mightily unhappy with my current job and the time seemed right for me to move on.....
I made my choice today and it is to do what my heart has always asked of me.
To be a reader to people's soul i will be. a guide of all who seeks answers.

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