Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meeting with Kelvin Khemery. And Sanctum corners.

I met up with Kelvin last Saturday.

It was very interesting and i learned a lot on the Kaballah point of views from him.

In addition, he mentioned that my citrine led me to my kyanite bracelet.

He said the kyanite bracelet was better for me.

The we talked a little on runes which i was picking up. He then suggested that we go to Sanctum to pick up a set of runes.

There we met michelle and 2 of the resident cats at sanctum. KarKa and Tom Tom.....

Very nice alley cats. I stayed to watch 2012. and it was an interesting Saturday afternoon.

These are 2 very interesting corners at sanctum. Showing the religionous equality in areas in the place. all religions are tolerated here....

Seeing the virgin mary, the Buddha and lord ganesha together in 1 area.... religious tolerance. the government should see the centre's work in promoting of this?

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