Sunday, August 30, 2009

My crystals

My Runestones revealed by Kelvin is actually Obsidian which is the revealer of truths.
Obsidian is probably the most challenging stone used in crystal work. It is actually volcanic glass, and has been used by many native cultures to make knives. Like a knife, obsidian cuts to the heart of the matter, sometimes, it seems, without the use of anesthesia.
This doesn't mean that you need to shrink in alarm from it. Obsidian is simply a stone to be worked with consciously and with respect.
If you feel your growth has stagnated and that it needs a jolt to get yourself moving again there is no better stone. It will help to show you the layers of ego and identity which are blocking that growth, and though some of its information may be painful it helps a great deal at such moments to realize that there is also much pain in self-deception.
Green Toumalin Ring.... Green Tourmaline (Verdelite)
Green tourmaline is believed to be a healer on all level. It is used to purify and strengthen the nervous system so that it can circulate increased spiritual energy. Many people use, carry, or wear it to relieve chronic exhaustion.

This i wanted to use as a protection and healing ring....

This is a lapis lazuli ring. I like it as it is very blue with flecks of gold.
Lapis lazuli is a unique combination of darkness and light, its deep blue color which sparkles with gold pyrite a symbol for a night sky alight with stars.
The ancient Egyptians considered lapis to be a royal stone. It was often pulverized and made into a poultice to be rubbed into the crown of the head. It was believed that as it dried it drew out all spiritual impurities.
Today, although we may be less likely to think of spiritual impurities in terms of using lapis its most common use is to clear the mind of elements of the past which are no longer needed. This is a procedure which should be done with care, for when the past is released it often carries with it emotional wounds.

My Citrine and Kyanite bracelets. The Citrine is masculine and the kyanite is feminine.

Its appearance is beautiful and unusual. It naturally forms in very flat blades made up of very thin mica-like layers. It predominantly occurs in a medium blue color with white streaks, although it can be green, yellow, and other colors, and it's often translucent. and always shiny.
According to the chakra system of colors kyanite should be placed either on the throat area or on the third eye (between and slightly above the other two), and I've found the third eye position especially valuable.

A Fluorite piece.

Fluorite is a stone which operates on and enhances the mental plane. It is often used to increase the ability to concentrate, and many people have experienced that when they work with it on a regular basis that it can amplify intellectual development.
Its greatest gift to us, though, is its ability to help us connect mind to spirit. It does so by helping to neutralize persistent and unwanted thought patterns so that the mind, instead of keeping itself distracted by constant activity, much of which is resistance to these undesired thoughts, can be at peace.

A malachite piece which looks like a peacock....

Malachite, unlike stones of the quartz family, does not radiate, but absorbs energy. Because of this it's very useful for drawing out emotional negativity. This is most commonly done by placing it on the solar plexus (where many emotions are held).
Like rhodochrosite, malachite helps to release repressed emotions and to restore deep breathing. When you work with it in this way it can be helpful to visualize with each inhalation that a deep green energy is filling you with healing and balance.
(A note: if you use malachite for the purpose of drawing out negativity it's important to clear it after each healing session. See the article on clearing crystals in this section.
Malachite is also a very valuable stone to use for stimulating creativity. Simply to look at one can be a creative experience; the beautiful swirling patterns of light and dark, the circles and other designs (I have one which has a four-leaf-clover pattern), serve to remind us that creativity is a natural and spontaneous experience.
If you work with malachite for the purpose of creative expression you may want to place it either on your throat area or on the third eye (between and slightly above the eyebrows). As you meditate you may wish to contemplate the great and infinite creativity of nature.

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