Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The fool is the 1st card of the major arcana.

It is the beginning of a journey. Like the path of a hero. he starts on his journey of learning and enlightenment. One of my favourite stories of all time is Star wars and Luke skywalker starts his path to be a jedi as a boy on a ranch without much knowledge. Perhaps he has certain skills but throughout the journey of the shows. he matures and becomes a jedi.

John Constantine is portrayed as the fool here due to his many uses of magic without a lot of understanding. He loses many of his friends in the past due to wrong magical practices.However, as his story proceeds he gains wisdom. Yet he is still in the game of life.

The fool is often portrayed as a baby. and the quantum leap to emerge from the womb is the biggest step to the unknown. from the depths of a warm watery place to a place of elements he lives the protection of the mother.

Crowley's fool has the umbical cords tied to him and is still a babe. he starts as the green of day.

It is the start of a journey. a leap of faith. yet it also symbolised the folly of men. the leave the known to go to the unknown. that is why there is always a dog to remind us of the folly.

Yet the fool's thoughts may be the most truthful. in medival periods the fool was one who can speak his mind and perhaps reminds the emperor that he is not wearing any clothes as in the emperor's new clothes?

In all we are all fools to certain extent of our lives. the starting of journeys and of adventures. Wasnt christopher columbus called a fool to start on his voyage to america? without fools in the world..... we would all stagnant and there will be no explorers, scientist or adventurers.

Remember.... remember the dreams of our past,

Ever do we seek them when we were cast.

From our daily lives we seek them,

Yet it is few, those who are foolhardy and of great vision to take the 1st step.

which will lead them to a new world or to the castle which are right there in the air.

We salute all fools, adventurers, discoverers and inventors to boldly go where no men has gone before.

I too am a fool, when i quit my job, to do this full time. I felt the development of my job was not to the spirit hence i left the job to do tarot card full time as a path to enlightenment.
Yet the rewards of it is immeasurable.

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